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Generators – A Guide To Purchasing

The diesel generator produces electric energy using the combination of an electrical generator and a diesel engine. Ships often use diesel generators, to power the electric system and to propel the ship.

Wherever the electrical grid is unstable, a diesel generator is used as a back up during supply failure.

Even with the best alternative system such as solar energy or wind energy, sometimes the weather may not cooperate and land us in darkness when the main power source fails. To keep our power system running, a backup engine generator may be just the thing. For businesses with sensitive computer networks, or homes with critical medical equipment, a back up power system such as a diesel generator may be necessary even when grid power is available.

The intended power load and the ability to supply the same is the basis for the selection of diesel generators.

High quality gasoline generators and diesel generators will provide reliable backup power to small offices and most homes. When you have a good backup generator sized to support your important electrical equipment and power systems then you need not bother or worry when there is a major supply failure.

Diesel generators can be switched on or off unlike other alternative power sources so there are no need for a dedicated charge controller. The generator can be connected to the main power system through an inverter using the generator’s auto-start feature. Alternatively, it can also be connected to the generator auto-start battery charger.

When buying a diesel generator make a list of the lights and equipment that will be running off the generator. Total the wattage requirements to determine the capacity of the generator. Compare wattage requirement and the price of the generator. If the generator is to be connected directly to the electrical system, then it is advisable to hire a qualified technician to install the transfer switch. Ensure that the generator has adequate storage capacity, longer usage time at a stretch, overload protection and auto shut off facility.

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