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Buying Surge Suppressors- Protect Your Home from Power Surges

Everyday, accidents due to electrical damages and faulty wiring occur in many homes – accidents that could have been prevented by surge suppressors. Do not wait for tragedy to happen. Voltage spikes are very common, sometimes resulting to fire and even loss of life. That is why it is very important to invest in surge suppressors.

Protection for your family

Voltage spikes are shots of electrical currents usually caused by lightning, wind, or faulty wiring. These spikes are dangerous especially when they go beyond the normal 120 voltage. Such spikes can cause damage and even fires. A surge suppressor is a good protection from voltage spikes. A surge suppressor works by regulating electrical currents down to its normal 120-volt threshold. It prevents voltage spikes from damaging your appliances and other devices.

Why use one?

Surge suppressors are necessary for high-powered devices, which are more sensitive to voltage spikes and are more expensive to replace.

There are three kinds of surge suppressors: electrical, meter, and plug-in. The electrical and meter suppressors work by regulating outside electrical interferences. They are usually mounted near power meters. Plug-in suppressors, on the other hand, are plugged directly in wall sockets and have built-in alarms.

Proper care and maintenance

When buying surge suppressors, it is important to check for three things: price, UL ratings, and UL standard. Buying a cheap suppressor is equivalent to buying a useless one. Also, make sure your surge suppressor meets the UL ratings and standards for good quality. Finally, check the suppressor’s alarm indicator to see if damages have already occurred.

By Ilse Hagen

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