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Commercial Outdoor Lighting Versus Residential Outdoor Lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting requirements are a lot different from those required in the home where the purpose of outdoor lighting is to set the mood so that you can relax and entertain guests. The commercial scenario is different as the aim is to make people want to buy things and spend money. Thus, you will find commercial outdoor lighting makes use of different colors some of which have been proven to be instrumental into enticing people to spend money as well as shop more.

Mostly, home outdoor lighting is all in the same color and incandescent lighting is the norm. The positioning acts in a way so as to dictate the final appearance of the outdoor home. On the other hand, commercial outdoor lighting generally means using different colors, designs as well as intensities. Such a difference is meant to keep the customers in a happier state of mind and be more excited about being present on the commercial property.

Red and Green Lighting

When choosing different colors for commercial outdoor lighting it has been found that green and red combine well and cause most people to spend more money. This may be the reason why most of the casinos in Las Vegas use such a combination to light up the outside of their commercial premises.

Blue Lighting

And, it has also been found that blue combined with other colors helps to create the right mood which makes people generally spend less money than otherwise. In fact, you won’t find casinos using blue outside their premises and a lot of study has been undertaken on getting the right combination of commercial outdoor lighting since a wrong combination can cause potentially huge financial losses.

Nevertheless, the commercial outdoor lighting should complement the lighting indoor, and this may best be achieved by balancing ambience of commercial outdoor lighting at a number of different angles and points.

Commercial outdoor lighting in places such as malls, hotels, and schools as well as clubs is not only decorative, but also often is artistic as well as utilitarian. It would be nice to have compact fluorescent lighting as well as ground level moon lamps to add to the ambience.

In addition, there are various designs to choose from including diamond shapes, opal as well as antique and lights with frosted exteriors. The placement of the commercial outdoor lighting should be just right so that customers, guests and visitors are not inconvenienced.

Ann Marier has written articles on many garden issues such as garden design. landscaping and gazebos. Her latest articles look at different types of outdoor lighting and their uses.

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